01. He is an excellent artist, [albeit] somewhat of a controversial one.
02. After 10 years working for his father, [albeit] somewhat reluctantly, he finally realized his dream of starting his own business.
03. The Fox & Frog is an authentic British-style pub, [albeit] a rather rundown and seedy-looking one.
04. The government has agreed to delay the legislation, [albeit] only temporarily, but it is a positive first step nonetheless.
05. My parents have agreed, [albeit] with some conditions, to let me borrow their car for the holidays.
06. Albertson finally got the job, [albeit] only because they couldn't find anyone else.
07. [Albeit] of very small size, Portland's local arts community is thriving.
08. My book is going to be published next year, [albeit] only in a very limited run at first.
09. She made a profit, [albeit] a very small one, on her first investment in the stock market.
10. Albert Einstein once said that reality is merely an illusion, [albeit] a very persistent one.
11. Hockey star Sergei Federov was married, [albeit] only briefly, to tennis beauty Anna Kournekova in 2002.
12. It was a lovely evening, [albeit] somewhat chilly.
13. The company has been trying a new marketing strategy, [albeit] with very little success up to this point.
14. We will be in Chicago next month, [albeit] only for a very short time.
15. My job is pretty boring, [albeit] quite well paid.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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